Sean's Kingmaker Campaign

The First Session

A brief description of the first session in the campaign.

Attending: Matthew, Chris, Diego, and Nathan.

Kingmaker: Legend of the Mystery Men

From the log:
The First of Pharast
Today, I begin my journey to save the childrens and become the greatest luchador in the world. We have been chartered by the regent to reclaim the lost lands. 36 miles east and west 60 miles south of Oleg‘s are ours to claim. Delicious stew. Bureaucracy. Bandit problem? Unexpected. Pork recipe: Svetlana’s pork loin. Night in hay. Protect the childrens. Jacques giant slice. Almost died. Camp SW of here at the beginning of the river.

Loot: 125gp, potion (protection?), 650gp from spellbook, furs, ring, and dagger. 2 weeks rations. alchemist fire. Ram/stag amulet.

The Fourth of Pharast
Learned: Buttered Biscuit. Eastward to Bokken’s Hut. Bokken’s brother is crazy and southward in a tree. Free cure moderate wounds for pinky of Bokken’s brother.

The Fifth of Pharast
Continued east. It’s cold.Spandex losing elasticity.

The Sixth of Pharast
Bandits southwest. Furs.

The Seventh of Pharast
Skeletons everywhere. Smushed a spider. Treaure map?
Loot: 300gp dagger, wand (burning hands, 4 charges, CL 2, 75gp)

The Ninth of Pharast
Sparkly cave. GOLD MINE.

The Tenth of Pharast
Forest. Kobolds. Rare radishes 250gp. Accounting is not my strongsuit.

Additional Notes from the DM:

The four attending players took horses for themselves after the initial combat with the bandits; other players were not accounted for and do not have the free horse. The horses these players received is only a light riding horse and not an expensive commodity.

The party did not level during this session, so everyone is still first level. During our next session, it is highly likely that everyone will level up mid session.


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